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Whether you’re creating additives for paint, wood, paper or leather, or you develop products for the architectural, industrial, marine, masonry or automotive industry, Dow Coating Materials has a product to help you meet your customers’ needs.

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A scientist inspects equipment that reduces automobile noise and vibrations.


ACOUSTICRYL™ Liquid-Applied Sound Damping (LASD) Technology is a sprayable alternative to conventional methods for reducing automobile noise and vibrations.

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Drizzling a can of paint onto a table.

ACRYSOL™ Rheology Modifiers

ACRYSOL™ Rheology Modifiers help paints make a lasting impression with features such as no-drip sag resistance; better film build; more applied hiding; and low to no VOC.

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The exterior of industrial buildings.

AVANSE™ Acrylic Resins

From one-coat finishing to multilayer maintenance and protection, AVANSE™ Acrylic Resins for metal coatings offer excellent adhesion, gloss and corrosion resistance.

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A picket fence lining trees.

ECOSURF™ Surfactants

ECOSURF™ Surfactants offer APEO-free solutions, from pigment grind to letdown. They also offer options that are readily biodegradable.

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The interior rooms and staircase of a house.

EVOQUE™ Pre-Composite Polymers

EVOQUE™ Pre-Composite Polymers are revolutionizing paint with better wet and dry hiding, plus formulation-specific improvements in gloss and tint retention and other stain resistance.

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A family playing a game indoors.


FORMASHIELD™ Formaldehyde-Abatement Technology is a coatings breakthrough. It’s a waterborne binder that actively removes formaldehyde from indoor air.

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Raise building performance and lower environmental impact with paints and coatings powered by Dow low VOC MAINCOTE™ Resins for commercial architecture.

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OROTAN™ Dispersants are high-performance, low-VOC solutions for paint.

OROTAN™ Dispersants

OROTAN™ Dispersants are based on polyacids, hydrophobic copolymers and hydrophilic copolymers. They offer pigment optimization, formulation flexibility and stability.

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PARALOID™ Binders for solvent-borne industrial coatings.


Improve water resistance and wet film properties with paints and coatings powered by Dow PARALOID™ Resins for a variety of industrial applications.

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PRIMAL™ Acrylic Binders

PRIMAL™ Waterborne-Acrylic and Styrene-Acrylic Binders serve a broad range of architectural and industrial applications, including interior walls and trim, exterior facades and general metal.

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The exteriors of architecturally-varied buildings.

RHOPLEX™ Acrylic Binders

RHOPLEX™ 100%-Acrylic Binders set industry standards for high-quality interior and exterior architectural paints. It’s available in low-VOC, zero-VOC and APEO-free forms.

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An indoor living room of modern decor.

ROPAQUE™ Opaque Polymers

ROPAQUE™ Hollow-Sphere Pigments expand the boundaries of light-scattering technology with a product line of synthetic pigments that offer partial replacement of TiO2 and cost savings.

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A wooden table set.

ROSHIELD™ Emulsions

ROSHIELD™ Self-Cross-Linking Emulsions for water-based wood coatings enhance durability and hardness. They also help meet lower-VOC targets in factory and field applications.

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A girl drawing with crayons on an interior wall.

TAMOL™ Dispersants

TAMOL™ Dispersants are based on polyacids, hydrophobic copolymers and hydrophilic copolymers. They offer pigment optimization, formulation flexibility and stability.

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