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60 Years and Still Innovating with

RHOPLEX™ Acrylic Binders

RHOPLEX™ Binder Technologies from Dow Coating Materials have helped create new paint categories for 60 years. Like self-priming paints for DIY interiors. Direct-to-substrate paints for durable exteriors. And even self-cleaning paints. What can we do for your product line?


A History of RHOPLEX™ Acrylic Binders

RHOPLEX™AC-33 Acrylic Emulsion was a first for the paint and coatings industry: an all-acrylic binder that launched a revolution from solventborne to waterborne house paint. Today, Dow is the world’s leading producer of waterborne-acrylic binders for architectural and industrial coatings. Through customer collaboration and a commitment to innovation, we deliver an outstanding portfolio of first-of-its-kind products, technology breakthroughs and the promise of more to come.

Creating the Ideal Paint-and-Primer

Today, there are many products in the self-priming paint category for interior paints. What makes one better than another? Dow tested 15 commercially available paint-and-primer products to identify the performance properties that have a key impact on self-priming paint performance. Contact us to learn more.

Binder technologies from Dow Coating Materials have been instrumental in the creation of the self-priming paint category for interior paints.

Formulator Benefits

RHOPLEX™ VSR-50 100% Acrylic Binder is widely recognized as the gold standard in exterior-binder performance, offering:

  • Excellent freeze/thaw balance
  • Outstanding adhesion to multiple substrates (including alkyds)
  • Long-lasting tint retention, and dirt-pickup and efflorescence resistance

How do you beat that? With next-generation RHOPLEX™ Technology, of course. RHOPLEX™ 585 Acrylic Binder offers a robust balance of exterior performance properties plus high solids for formulation flexibility.


Consumer Benefits

In playrooms, kitchens, dining rooms and bedrooms, cleanup is only a wipe away with paints containing RHOPLEX™ EZ Clean 1500 Acrylic Emulsion. Advanced stain-beading technology allows this high-Tg binder to make cleanup fast and easy, even from tough liquids such as grape juice, coffee and wine. In the photo below, you can see how grape juice, coffee, black ink and red wine stains are just a wipe away with RHOPLEX™ EZ Clean 1500 Binder.

A commercial acrylic binder is shown, where grape juice, coffee, black ink and red wine make well-defined stains. Paint formulated with RHOPLEX™ EZ Clean 1500 Binder is also shown, causing the same stains to bead up on the surface of the paint.


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